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Why? Why Not?

What’s Your Why?

Are you getting ready to retire or have you retired and want to see the world?  Or maybe you don’t plan to retire and still want to see the world….or your boss insists that you take off and travel at least a couple of weeks each year….Ha!…or you got a large payout from your stocks….whatever amazing thing made you decide Why Not,  that it’s now or never Baby.  BOOM!  Lets go.

But you’re not sure where to go….or you aren’t sure you will feel comfortable traveling….or you just want to sit in your chair and travel through someone else until you get it together….Whatever is propelling you or stopping you,  keep in mind that travel is a worthy goal to expand your compassion for others-because sometimes you just can’t believe how truly lucky you are until you see how others live.  Also travel allows you experiences you could never have any other way.  And you really, Really want to.

Here’s My Why

You see, a few years ago I got Cancer…Yup, that dreaded word.  Even though I was already getting out there every year to go to Mexico for a month or two each winter I realized that if I didn’t have many years left then I wanted to go see more and I wanted to spend more time in Mexico too.  I immediately started staying 6 months in Mexico while I healed from my cancer surgeries.  Then a couple of years ago I decided I could go other places too….and now? Well, with hardly any family ties and hoping for a good 10 years, it’s time.  Lots of people have gone before me so what’s to be worried about?   Let my imagination go and I could find things to worry about but I can also find things to worry about just going to town at home.  And the tug to explore means I’ve just gotta go.  Sometimes alone.  Sometimes with girlfriends and sometimes with my partner.

I also would like to go and volunteer to help people and animals while I am traveling so I will share those kinds of trips too.  I’ve been reading the Lonely Planet book on volunteerism around the world.  So many ways you can help.  And I will learn and grow while I’m doing something useful too.

Why Blog?

When I passed my 5 year cancer free mark I started feeling like I had a chance at a full life….perhaps even making it into my 80’s…. What did I want to do?  I took a course and  I became a hypnotherapist and love that I can help people but it’s very intense.  Since I’ve been a photographer for over 30 years with my own portrait business the last 20+ years I decided I wanted to do the artsy stuff I hadn’t had time for.  So  I started photographing rodeos and sacred sites, getting to travel around to neighboring states and thinking of making books.   Since writing has also been on my bucket list I took a class in travel & non-fiction writing.  All of a sudden I saw an opportunity to combine my travels with writing.   A trip to Guatemala made me realize I could write for us Baby Boomers and how traveling at our older age is different then when we traveled in our 20’s and 30’s. But how to do it?  Getting into magazines is very difficult….aha! Blogging.  I have been enjoying reading others’ blog posts so now I can be sharing what I’ve experienced- what worked for me and any tips I can give to make the going & doing easier for others, so they too get out there and feel alive;  see places before global warming or man’s greed destroys them or changes them so much they will never be the same.  Think of rising sea levels and the Galapagos or New York.  Warming oceans and the Great Barrier Reef.  Acid rains and Machu Picchu or the Egyptian Pyramids.  Also, with the internet, think how cultures change with learning…I  want to see peoples of the world before they become more like us.  And even if mankind gets it together and can reverse or at least stop any more damage to our world, whatever cultures and places that are out there are worth seeing in their own right at whatever stage they are in.  Because with seeing is learning and understanding.

So Welcome to the Gypsey Jeanne-Travel Blog for Boomers.  Let’s go while we can baby.

There’s some exploring to be done.  Some Spanish to learn.  Some hot springs to soak in.  Some animals to meet.   And some pictures to take to prove to our self when we get dementia that we actually went and did all these things, even if we think it’s our kids in those pictures!IMG_20161018_162232478

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