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As I start this new adventure, of writing about the places I have been, love or will go, I hope you are getting excited to start your own adventures.  It can be hard to “just get out there”.  But it can make it easier if you see a place you love through a travel blog or article in one of your favorite magazines….and maybe I can spark that explorer in you.

I know that 60 is the “new” 50, 70 the new 60 etc….but at “our” ages, the “Baby Boomers”, we can’t do what the 20-30 somethings or even 40 somethings can do when it comes to how fast we hike,  how long we travel or how late we stay up (full disclosure:  I’m 63).  We may want a little more comfort in our lodgings or our transportation….deciding to take a flight or train….it may cost a little more, but our bodies are worth it!  And if I can help you with a little insight into making your trip more fun then I’m a happy camper….and sometimes I still like to camp.

I usually go a little more on the budget side when I travel.  I look for comfortable but not plush, even though I’ll  treat myself to plush or a spa day once in awhile but I’ll also camp for a short term stay too.  I travel on a limited income like many others.  But don’t let that stop you.  A lot of month long trips I take can be done for around $2000 with airfare!  And even if you are well off, I think you will find a few adventures worth having among these pages and I will give places you can book if you want a more luxurious experience.

I still work part time as a photographer so the images you see on this blog are all mine. I’ve been a professional photog for over 30 years,  yet do to circumstances in my life, I decided I wanted to just get out there and see more of the world, Now.  While I can. Because, I don’t know about you, but I feel so alive when I travel, so amazed and exhilarated at the new sites, people, food and customs. Sometimes, though I’m exhausted by the end of a day of travel getting to the next place, once I arrive, I sit outside my room on a deck or on a bench in the town square relaxing and contemplate all that I will see the next day with excitement and suddenly feel refreshed.  Tired but renewed.

So, lets Go.  Let’s just get out there and explore.  Lets have some fun.  Learn.  Grow. Expand our Horizons and our Humanity.  And, if you’ve been someplace you just know I’d love, please, send me an article and a photo…I may just share it here as one of the next trips I want to do.


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